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English Reading Series
Fridays at Noon in the HBLL Auditorium

Steven Peck – October 5, 2018

Steven L. Peck (BYU Biology) is the two-time winner of the Association of Mormon Letters Novel Award (The Scholar of Moab, 2011; Gilda Trillim, 2017), and once for short story (Two-Dog Dose, 2014). His upcoming novel (2019) King Leere: Goatherd of the La Sals was a semi-finalist in Black Lawrence Press’s Big Moose Prize. In addition to his collection Incorrect Astronomy, his poetry has appeared in New Myths, Pedestal Magazine, Prairie Schooner, Red Rock Review, and numerous other places. Short stories and essays are found in several anthologies and journals, including, Analog, Daily Science Fiction, Dialogue, Nature Futures. He is a blogger at and writes often on science/faith issues.